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A Long-Awaited Brutally Honest Rating of OBX Characters

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Over the past week, I have watched season three of Outer Banks. I could have watched it in a day, but my dad changed the Netflix password...Besides that, I have paid close attention to the characters' actions, love interests, and motives to determine how high up in my scale of favoritism they should be. I will rate each character based on their actions throughout the third season. One is the absolute worst human being to exist, and ten is something so precious it has to be protected at all costs.


Quick Recap for those who read the article without watching the show:

What is Outer Banks about?

The show Outer Banks is set around a group of teenagers that live on an island that is divided between those in two complete tax brackets: the lower class (Pogues) and the ultra-rich living on Figure Eight* (Kooks)

The teens learn how to find a hidden treasure and must work together to discover it, but this will be a challenging task.

*figure eight is a row of million-dollar houses on the island

Before the ratings: a season three Summary in a few sentences:

  1. Is Jiara a thing? Maybe?

  2. The P4L gang was stuck on a deserted island for a month (it was called Poguelandia).

  3. John B reunites with his dad (Big John) - Big John is very problematic and power-hungry (he kills two guys in front of John B).

  4. Sarah cheats on John B with Topper.

  5. Sarah sees her father again.

  6. Rafe is blinded by the treasure and is probably a psychopath. But at least he saves his dad?

  7. Pope and Cleo live together at his parent's house...we'll see where that goes.

  8. The cross was melted down by Rafe - Wade wants redemption for being a crazy person.

  9. Big John is kidnapped by Carlos Singh (Barbados bad guy who also wants the gold), who takes him to South America to find the gold.

  10. The gang - Cleo, Pope, John B, Sarah, Kie, and JJ - all find a way to South America to save John B's dad and find the gold.

  11. Sarah and John B discover the gold.

  12. Wade and Big John die during their adventures in South America.

Here are my humble ratings on the OBX characters:

Rafe: (4/10)

Rafe Cameron reflects the behavior of a bad-tempered five-year-old who can't seem to keep it together. If it weren't for Drew Starkey being a total babe, I would have given Rafe a 1/10. Not only does he plot against his whole family because of his supposed "ownership" of the cross, but he's like, obsessed with himself. Although this critique may be harsh...let's be honest - it is not. Rafe almost killed his sister and father while also melting a priceless artifact and threatening anyone that didn't conform to his plans. Awesome right? 4/10

Kiara (Kie): 7/10

Kiara is one the best characters on the show, and like JJ, they are both sporadic thinkers and can be irrational with their decisions. A positive comment for Kiara is that she is a quick thinker who can escape a dangerous situation. Unlike Pope, Kiara never lets her parents know about any ventures she will go on, which is probably why she ended up in Kitty Hawk. 7/10

Topper: 1/10

This may be a controversial opinion, but when Topper was first reintroduced in season three, he seemed normal (for once)! I liked that he always cared about Sarah and her feelings, even though she gaslit him multiple times. It all went downhill when he burned down John B's home. Now I get it, your mad, but like, YOU were the sidepiece, John B wasn't. Also, I repeat, he BURNED DOWN John B's home - that's some psycho behavior. 1/10

John B: 9/10

Although John B constantly searches for the Merchant gold, he is a rational thinker who knows when to take an opportunity and make quick decisions. What he decides may seem sporadic, but the intention behind it is always good. He is the leader of the OBX group and is always thinking out of the box to discover the next mystery. He initially started to look for the gold, not only because he was struggling to get by with his father missing, but also to feel a closer connection to his dad even though Big John was considered dead. I only give John B a 1-point reduction because he didn't comfort Sarah when Wade's boat exploded.

JJ: 9/10

When it comes to making good decisions, don't ask JJ for advice. Unlike John B, JJ makes irrational decisions and always puts his friends first. He never leaves a Pogue behind and is always up for a new adventure. I commend the random events caused by his in-the-moment planning, which always seems to work out - but not always. While in Barbados, why would they think to text Singh through Portis's phone? Dealing with such a dangerous figure in Barbados, they should have thought a little more about how they would contact him. JJ gets a 9/10 score only because it took him twenty light years to confess his feelings to Kiara.

Sarah: 8/10

Sarah... where do I even start? We can see a steady decline in Sarah's mental health from season one to season three. Although the Pogues hate Wade Cameron and want nothing to do with him (makes sense), they never stop to consider that he is Sarah's literal dad, who almost CHOKED her to death. Her life turned around expeditiously, which can be a lot to process in a short time. Sarah hooking up with Topper was not her best decision, but at least she used it to help the Pogues...I guess?

After Sarah's father (Wade) dies in the last episode, no one seems to comfort her. Yes, she may have disliked her father at the moment, but he had raised her - the hunt for gold broke her family. Sarah's emotions are always looked past in Outer Banks. 8/10

Pope: 10/10

Out of all the main characters in the OBX, Pope remains at the top of my list. Not only does Pope balance out and think through his decisions, but he always weighs out the pros and cons of everything he does. After having gone missing for over a month, Pope knows that he should finish his studies and attend university, even if he may have difficulty assimilating himself back into school at first. He knows why he's out looking for the gold of EL Dorado, and it's to honor his ancestors and reclaim what was Denmark Tanny's. 10/10

Cleo: 8.5/10

Introduced in the second season, Cleo is always finding ways to get by and discover new ways to face different challenges. Cleo is able to find a new family with the Pogues, apart from the life she thought she would never surmount back in Barbados. Cleo remains loyal to the Pogues and always has Pope's back, as he has hers. 8.5/10

Big John: 2/10

The moment Big John assassinated the two men on the boat was when I knew he was blinded by the gold. Big John's greed continues to the last episode, where he would rather sacrifice his child than give up the secret to the gold. From his previous studies revealed in the third season, we can see that Big John left behind a successful career to pursue gold. It is understandable that his craze may be because he has been looking for gold his whole life, but just like Singh, he is willing to take out many people along the way in order to succeed. 2/10

Carlos Singh: 0/10

Carlos Singh is quite the personality. His goal to avenge his enslaved ancestors may seem understandable, but in doing so, he tortures teens and adults alike to ensure he finds the treasure. Singh's lack of human empathy behind every decision he makes shows how blinded he is by his own rage and hate.


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