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  • Luciana Jimenez

Best Blushes for Every Season

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Blush is a key product for a good makeup look, but sometimes it is hard to find the right one that matches the vibe of the look you're going for. However, finding a blush formula varying on the time of year can make all the difference in your makeup routine! Cream and liquid blushes look best year round, so all of these recommendations are perfect for every season.

But First: Finding the Right Blush for Your Complexion

  • If you have a light complexion, pink blush shades will complement your skin the best, such as colors that are similar to the Rare Beauty blush in "Bliss". For the most part, stay away from very dark reds or pinks.

  • Medium and olive skin tones, like mine, can honestly rock most rosy colors ranging from pale to bright shades. However, I generally think that a lighter red or peach shade looks best on this complexion . An example of a perfect combination of these shades is the Milk Makeup blush in the shade "werk".

  • If you have a deep complexion, deeper reds and raspberry shades tend to complement your skin beautifully. Depending on the specific shade of your skin, pale colors might not be the best option. The e.l.f. Putty blush in "Maldives" looks stunning on darker skin.


1. Summer

The Milk Makeup cream blush is perfect for creating the illusion of sun-kissed cheeks. The shade “Werk” is my personal favorite, and its dusty rose color looks best on my olive complexion. However, the 11 other shades still offer the same hydrating, dewy, and natural effect. This blush blends like a dream, which makes it super convenient for quick application at the beach, the pool, or wherever else you may be enjoying the summer sun! This blush is ideal for the natural glowing look I resort to in the summer.

Shop Milk Makeup Blush "Werk" here


2. Fall

My go-to blush, once fall comes around, is the Rare Beauty liquid blush in the shade “Joy”. Don't be intimidated by its bright red shade because it blends into a rosy color that translates into a natural flush. It’s a little dewy and gives you a luminous glow from within.

Shop Rare Beauty Blush "Joy" here


3. Winter

I like to switch up my makeup in the winter to be more matte than it is in the summer and fall, and this Rare Beauty liquid blush in the shade “Bliss” perfectly completes my winter look. It’s subtle, but lasts the whole day. It’s rare for me to find a long lasting blush but Rare Beauty blushes have never let me down! I also found that this blush is perfect for the “Cold Girl Makeup Look” that became popular last winter. Being that the blush is matte, it matches the winter aesthetic perfectly, and the nude pink color adds a wintry effect to your makeup look.

Shop Rare Beauty Blush "Bliss" here


4. Spring

This next blush perfectly encapsulates the vibe that spring brings after a long winter. The e.l.f. Luminous Putty blush in the shade “Bermuda” is breathtaking once applied. The shimmery pink shades elevate any makeup look, and makes your skin look heavenly. It’s perfect for spring, when I shift the matte products in my makeup routine to shimmery products for that dewy look.

Shop e.l.f. Luminous Putty Blush "Bermuda" here


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