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  • Ana Pujol


Updated: Jul 28, 2023

365 days later, and here we are again. A new year is right around the corner and the pressure of making resolutions as well as actually keeping them is following right behind. “I’m going to keep track of my habits”, “I’m gonna actually use my gym membership this year!”, and the all-time classic “New year, New me”. Personally speaking, I typically follow my resolutions for roughly a week to a month tops. However, as 2023 keeps shaping up to be a pivotal year of my life, I have realized that I can’t play around when it comes to my resolutions and sticking by them.

To remedy the curse that seems to be my inability to follow “New Year's Resolutions” I decided to put together a vision board for the year, to manifest all my goals for the year, but also to keep them as a reminder of what I’m pushing for. Here are some ways to put together your very own vision board to keep you on track for this upcoming year.



A collage of images, photos, and affirmations of one's goals and aspirations, created to serve as motivation and inspiration.


The traditional way of creating vision boards requires very few supplies and can be a great way to start up the year with family and friends. Gather your loved ones together with some scissors, glue, cardboard, a printer, and magazines, and put together a collage of everything you aspire to achieve and hope to manifest in 2023.

(sadiegray___ VIA tiktok)

If cutting and pasting just isn’t for you, don’t worry, there are many other ways to bring your vision board to life. The simplest method I can concur with is hopping onto Pinterest and quite literally creating a “board” with pictures based on your goals. This method may not be as fun or decorative, but grouping your ideas together is just the first step to staying constant in achieving your goals.



And lastly, my personal method of “vision-boarding” for 2023, is a digital vision board. This method combines both ways presented above. You start off by gathering online material related to your goals for the year, similar to the Pinterest method, however, adding your own personal creative twist in an app such as Procreate or Canva. Once you’re done with your digital vision board, you can make it your wallpaper, keep it safe in your camera roll, or even print it out and maintain it somewhere within reach.



Establishing your goals through a vision board allows you to put out that which you want most into the universe and manifest its success, and it also makes it easier to stay motivated to continue pursuing those goals when you have a copy staring at you one way or another, reminding you of what you so badly want to achieve. Plus, vision boarding has all the ingredients for a perfectly wholesome and fun activity with your loved ones, so you might as well make a fun day out of it. Best of luck with the New Year!


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