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  • Daniella Vega

A Guide To An Internal Glow-Up

When you hear someone mention the term 'glow-up', it is often used to describe someone's physical apperance. Whether it be clearer skin, a new haircut, or an improved sense of style, frequently, these are the first few things people will notice. Transitioning from the awkward stage to a teenager, I also believed that a large altercation in appearance would allow me to have a glow-up too. Through maturation, I've realized that looks are only half of a true glow-up: what will allow you to flourish is your mindset. While you may look fancy with a new aesthetic, someone with a true glow-up is open-minded, carries themselves with positivity, puts their self-care needs first, and harbors an overall strong, radiant energy. Here are some tips to achieve an internal glow-up and become the best version of yourself:


1. Embrace Change

While a routine way of doing things can assist our day-to-day organization, life can become stagnant and repetitive if no changes are present. If things don’t go as planned, and we aren’t able to adapt to new changes, stress can easily factor in. Allowing ourselves to embrace change in our lives grants the possibility of growth and self-improvement. New learning experiences can let us learn more about our current environments and even teach us new things about ourselves; this can narrow down what our goals are and what we plan to achieve in our lives. The ability to be flexible can also bring efficiency and happiness to your life.

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Daniella Vega

2. See The Good in All Things

Speaking of things not going as planned, being able to see the beauty of imperfections can assist in appreciating everything a little more each day. I like to refer back to the viral “Burnt Toast Theory” from TikTok. Initially posted by user @latenightepiphanies, this is how the theory works in practice: let’s say you burn your toast in the morning whilst already being late for school or your job. Maybe the time you took to make another slice of toast or eat something else for breakfast saved your life from a tragic event. Perhaps you met someone on the way to class or work that is now important in your life, whom you would have never met had you been on time. This theory is a great reminder that everything happens for a reason, and if we view things through a positive lens, we will continue to be abundant in life.

3. Know Your Limits

It is always important to work hard—no matter what you’re working towards—but you shouldn’t consistently overwork yourself. Contrastingly, in the situation where you are at a fun event, you shouldn’t push your body and mind to the extent to which you become overstimulated. Remember, it is always okay to take breaks and set aside time for ourselves. Whether it be five minutes or five hours, take as much time as your body needs to physically and mentally recharge. Alone time can help us regulate our thoughts and emotions, while also allowing the body to restore itself. By doing this, you are not only bettering your functions and mood, but you are also improving your relationships with others: they will be spending time with the best version of you!

4. Be Your Authentic Self

As I’ve mentioned before, a lot of people tend to focus on the aesthetically pleasing aspects of a glow-up (and as you can tell, that’s not the entire reality). Although you’ve probably heard this cliché principle a million times over the past couple of years, it truly is cardinal to be yourself. Oftentimes, many people will strive to be someone they aren’t in an attempt to achieve the ‘perfect look’ and lose sight of their true selves in the process. What makes someone shine, and stand out from the rest of the crowd, is truly their uniqueness and individuality. Yes, it is always okay to enjoy something that may be trending or popular at the moment, but always remember who you are at the core, along with your morals and values. You are so much more than what lies at the surface!


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Daniella Vega

While you may always refer to this guide for advice, keep in mind it is more than okay to not have a good day. We are all human beings, learning and growing alongside each other every day, no matter what walk of life you may be. Even if you are looking to glow-up, also remember that you are already a beautiful human being—realize the virtues you already possess, and look for these qualities in the people you surround yourself with too.


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