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DASH Fashion Students Advocate Justice for the Planet in "Upcycled" Fashion Show

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Every year, Senior DASH fashion students are assigned materials to derive their ideation from, this year they were given men’s button-ups. Take a glance at their imaginative processes and pieces.

First-Place Winner: Julia Genutis

@ Dash Instagram

Genutis took the theme Upcycled and made it her own, taking inspiration from the Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy that embraces beauty in imperfection. She shares “I tried to emphasize every mistake I made… following the fluidity of the ink and other natural materials is what ultimately completed the print.” She also went on to say how throughout the process she listened to a lot of Skotseme by Diamond Galas and John Paul Jones, which she also feels influenced the final looks.

Both looks consist of all recycled materials, according to the theme, including three men’s shirts, weeds that were soaked in ink, a handmade stencil for the print, grommets, and necklace cords.

From beginning to end, Genutis learned that “you don’t always have to stick to the original design, sometimes you get the chance to think more about it, or there are obstacles along the way that prevent your original design and that’s okay.”

Julia Genutis’ unique interpretation of the theme reflects how perspective and transience play a role in not only art but everyday life. Her ability to transcribe these notions onto her designs is remarkable and it is no wonder she won the first-place title.

Second-Place Winner: Sydney Landsman

Photographer: Sofia Zakhem

Landsman shares how she took inspiration from a tree including the concepts of natural erosion and weathering. She says “I wanted to recreate the beauty and imperfections of the tree onto the dress directly.”

The strapless dress has a simple, chic appearance but tells an elaborate story.

Natural elements are prominently featured in the design. Not only has she successfully used sustainable materials, but she has brought climate awareness to the scene. A beautiful execution by Sydney Landsman.

Third Place Winner: Michael Sampson

Photographer: Sofia Zakhem

Sampson reveals he "woke up one day and decided, I want to make something weird and unsettling." While his lines don't have specific titles, he touches on a recurring theme: uncomfortable comfort. He shares "I wanted to dabble in gender-fluid fashion and techniques because I feel that it identifies with my design style." Along with all this, Sampson took inspiration from Thom Browne and Comme de Garçon, which he says aligns with his passions and ideas.

His looks were created entirely out of button-ups and complemented with "doll-like" black makeup.

Throughout the process, Sampson expresses his hardest obstacle was the "refining of his creative process." He says "The designs that I showcased were not the original sketch designs... I underestimated the amount of material I would have had to utilize to bring my ideas to reality and struggled with time management."

Even so, Sampson achieved his preternatural aesthetic impeccably and exhibited great talent at this show.

Other Amazing Looks from the Show:

Photographer: Sofia Zakhem


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