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Friends, Family, and Fall Festivities

Now that our favorite season is back, time is winding down, and the year is coming to its awaited end. Since we have a little less than two months for the year to come to its closing, here are a few activities to take up the longer hours of the day, and put you in a festive mood to live out the season in abundance.

autumn leaves on the ground

1. Fruit/Veggie Picking

Because the weather is getting a bit colder, we sadly have to say goodbye to all of the spring and summer produce that was grown to nourish us all. Going to local farms and/or public gardens to put the left over produce to good use is always a fun activity. Not only will you be providing yourself with delicious food, but gardening could also be a learning experience to gain knowledge about what benefits these fruit and vegetables have, or why they grow best during certain seasons. Gardening will even teach you about the hardships you and gardeners can face personally. Patience and gratefulness is always the core lesson being taught during fall, so there is no better activity to partake in than gardening.

2. Petting Zoos

Who can say no to fluffy cuddles? Even as a person who is allergic to our favorite furry friends, I will always volunteer to put my life on the line for a cuddle from an animal. Petting zoos can make you feel more connected to certain animals that we don't get to see so often, and bring comfort to you by interacting with animals with nothing but love to give. It's always a blast saying hello to our gentle giants.

3. Road-Trip

There's nothing that can prove your love for anyone more than riding in a metal block on wheels, sitting uncomfortably for hours, and listening to loud music that will soon start to overstimulate you. A road-trip (no matter how short or long) is always a good move as the seasons falter. All you need is some good snacks, a fire aux-man with a premium account, and of course, a friend with a car and a destination.


A party is not a party if all of your closest friends are not bringing a dish to chow down on all night. Friends-giving has been a new tradition for a lot of people the past few years. Some people do not get the chance to celebrate their Thanksgiving with family members, or are not in spaces where they feel they really have family to spend their time with. That's why friends-giving would be an amazing activity to join in on this fall. And friends don't have labels on them. If celebrating with 25 besties, or your 2 pets is what you are privileged to do, then that's exactly what you should do, and I wish you the best "Friendsgiving" this year.

5. Donating

Fall is all for gratefulness and appreciation. Giving back is the most festive thing you could ever do during holidays. For us more privileged people, hosting food and clothing drives, giving to thrift stores, cooking for the less fortunate, or even sending money to good causes could be a butterfly effect into a more positive year for all of us. Not everyone gets to enjoy the holidays because of personal circumstances, so let us be the ones to change that. Now for my friends who don't have much to do or give, don't ever feel bad for receiving. Don't be embarrassed for having less than, and take offers when they come to you. Don't be too proud for a good opportunity, because you deserve positivity in bountiful amounts.


This time of the year could be pretty emotional, but attempting to put yourself in a good mood to enjoy the time for what it is will be a greatly appreciated action that won't go unnoticed.

Have a beautiful fall!


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