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  • Amelia Luque

How to Enter Your Rory Gilmore Era

Girl in studying in Starbucks

Courtesy of Amelia Luque

Diligent is the word I would use to describe Rory Gilmore. A diligent person shows care and conscientiousness in one’s work. Rory’s academic success is due to her impressive work ethic and consistency. While this is part of her personality, it is possible for those who don’t necessarily have this characteristic, to reach academic success. That is by living by the quote, “Fake it till you make it.” My advice to you is to romanticize and change your mindset about your duties. Here’s how you can do so:

1. Do Your Homework Outside of Your House

Make it a habit to finish your homework outside somewhere beside your house. A different environment will motivate you to do your homework faster and more efficiently because your mind will trick you into thinking that you must complete your homework before you head home. For example, your local library or Starbucks coffee shop could be a perfect place to accomplish this.

2. Read More

Replace your screen time with a book. Implementing this habit can improve your focus and concentration and enhance your vocabulary. Rory’s favorite pastime is reading. Her favorite book genre is history, but this does not mean you must stick to this topic. You are free to pick anything you are comfortable with. However, I recommend reading something insightful that will expand your knowledge on a particular topic you are interested in. If you are into psychology, I recommend Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.

3. Get an Agenda

Last week, I purchased an agenda. Writing things down on paper can relieve stress because it helps your mind stay organized. It is silly to think that a typical school supply can be a game-changer when used correctly. What I mean by “properly used” is that you thoroughly mark your calendar, even if it’s with things that are not as important. This helps you make a habit of writing in your agenda. The best part is when you cross out tasks and feel accomplished.

4. Set Goal

this point goes along with your agenda. Once you obtain your aesthetically pleasing agenda, use it to write down your to-do list for the day, week, and month. At this point, you’ve probably learned how vital short-term goals are, but I am here to remind you again. It can be a tedious task to write these things down, but again, this is all part of trying to change your view on duties.

5. Engage With Your Community

Season 6, episode 2: Fight Face. During this part of the show, Rory must complete 300 hours of community service due to a “felon” party she threw. Now, I am not saying you should commit a crime, but I do find volunteering a fulfilling activity, and so did Rory. I am encouraging you to get involved with your town by helping in events or cleanups.

Entering your Rory Gilmore era is more than just imitating a fictional character; it’s about buying an agenda, setting goals, and finding yourself sitting outside a Starbucks romanticizing life.


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