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  • Avril Rodriguez

Become a Straight-A Student This School Year

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

For the first time in a long time , I became a straight-A student both semesters of my junior year. How was it possible that in my most stressful year in high school, I was able to succeed at the highest level and with some of the hardest classes my school offered?

If your looking to:

  • Raise your Unweighted/Weighted GPA

  • Get into a good college

  • Become more knowledgable

Then this is the right article for you.

Here are my FOUR tips on how to become a straight-A student:

1. Have a Planner

Having a planner was a game-changer for me. My #1 problem for receiving poor grades was that I would forget an announced test or assigned homework. I take my planner to all my classes, and as soon as the teacher announces something, I quickly write it down. Don't tell yourself you'll write it down later; trust me, you will forget.

I prefer having a physical planner over one on my device, such as an app like Asana or Google Calendar. Still, either way is acceptable as long as you are consistent with writing/typing things down when necessary.

planner for 2024

2. Never Turn in a Late Assignment

For me, this one was the most challenging rule to get used to. I've always been used to doing everything at the last minute. Getting to practice, school, and social gatherings late, I had a hard time adapting to this rule.

The key to turning in your assignments on time is to do it the day it is assigned. This may sound not very enjoyable, but most of us may not enjoy school, and it's just another responsibility that comes with being academically successful. With my planner, I like to keep all my assignments' due dates there.

When doing my homework, I always make sure to complete the assignment that's deadline is closest. Try to get the easy, tedious homework out of the way to ensure you turn it in on time. This will allow you more time and less stress to do the more challenging, more harshly graded assignments well.

For example, easy assignments, like an IXL, that we leave for the last minute. Since it will only take 10 minutes, get it done the day it is assigned so you have more time to do your complex assignments well.

perfect score on an assignment

3. Communicate Well With Your Teachers

This one is essential. One of my biggest mistakes in my first two years of high school was the terrible communication between myself and my teachers - especially since I was constantly absent from class.

Make sure to let your teachers know you're not in class when you plan to be absent, and email the days you didn't plan to be absent. In your emails and in person, make sure to ask if there are any upcoming quizzes, tests, or assignments that you should be aware of so you can make the proper arrangements to do the tasks and decrease the chances of them failing you on those assignments.

If you have any doubts or concerns about your teacher's class, make them known. You must be polite and respectful when doing so, so your teachers will be more willing to help you with an assignment or test you may be having trouble with. This is especially important if you were given a 0 for an assignment or quiz you took. Letting your teacher know you completed the tasks with proof of completion will be a sure way to maintain straight A's.

Example email:

an email to a teacher

4. Become / Be Disciplined

Being responsible is one of the most essential things for succeeding in high school. Leaving your assignments for the last minute will only cause you to do them poorly. It will also cause you to rely on others for help and leave yourself stressed near a test day.

This year, I realized that when I did my assignments to the best of my abilities, I didn’t have to cram the night before an exam and try to remember as much content as possible. Doing my assignments well and paying attention in class really paid off and made my school year less stressful than it already was.


Final Thoughts

Although this may sound difficult, you can attain the grades you want - only if you put in the work. You may or may not achieve getting all A's, but as long as you stay committed and know you put your best effort into everything in your capability, that's what matters. So, it will be a challenging road to having straight A's, but with just the right amount of discipline, organization, and focus, you can do it!

I am not a robot. I need to remember to use my planner, and I have turned in assignments late. But what matters is that I always stick to my four rules regardless of whether I have one slip-up. It is okay if you forget to do one assignment one day, but don't let it be an everyday thing and, most importantly, a weekly thing.

I hope my tips help you to improve as a student and achieve the goals you are looking for this academic school year! Good luck!

girl studying in her room

All photos by: Avril Rodriguez


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