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  • Ronke Bamiduro

How to Have a Positive Summer With These Simple Activities

Schools is finally out (unless you’re me) but regardless, we’re approaching the more vibrant, exciting and happier days with endless sunshine, warmth and vibes. And as much as summer is a time to unwind and decompress, it’s important to see it as a time to reflect. It’s also important to have fun, unwind and prepare for the next school year.  Summer is perhaps the best time to look back and consider how things have gone for you across the last school year. So, allow me to suggest some activities to embark on as you progress through the summer.

1. Reflection

An academic year just came to a close. For me, this is my last year in high school before starting university in October, so this year was a crucial one. Think about the last school year. What did you achieve? How were your grades? But most importantly, what did you learn—both academically and as a person? What lessons will you take ahead with you in the school year to come?

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2. Discovery

Learn something new. For many, we have a good few months off of school and it’s a chance to develop a new hobby, learn a new skill, and become an expert in a new subject. I think the pursuit of new knowledge is important—it’s an opportunity to broaden your horizons, develop new skills and grow as a person by finding who you are.

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Learn new things for the pursuit of knowledge is a beautiful thing


3. Self-care

School is extremely stressful, and I am definitely looking forward to graduating. Across this year, I've lost a lot of sleep and sleep is so so important. Sleep is a part of self-care--make sure you sleep. Other activities I would recommend include repeating your affirmations to yourself and reminding yourself of how fantastic you are; taking yourself shopping or other things that you feel you would enjoy; celebrating your achievements from the last year. School can take a toll on the body, mentally and physically, and it’s important to rejuvenate and feel good before you tackle the year ahead.

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4. Giving

It’s important to give time yourself but also to the people around and those you care about. This august, me and all my friends will start to commence the next chapters of our lives—university. It’s so crucial to spend as much time together as we’re growing up so quickly and time flies. Do nice things for others and put a smile on each other's faces.

5. Gratitude.

Be thankful that you’ve made it to then end of another school year and be excited for what is to come.

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I hope you all have a restful and happy summer break and take care of yourselves—much love. 


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