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  • Ronke Bamiduro

The Importance of Building Character

Life is beautiful. It's a gift. We have wonderful families and friends. We have the beauty of the natural world. The opportunities we can seek out. The people we can meet. The difference we can make. Life is an adventure, a rollercoaster of emotions. The biggest difference you can make to your life is quite simple. It will change your outlook, the way you experience everything and ultimately who you are—your character. The best you can do is be the best you can for yourself. Indeed, we are all a work in progress. But character is crucial. I've gotten to some deeper thinking this holiday and I thought about some basic qualities that we need to try and embody.


I think kindness has two main aspects to it—the consideration and love towards other people, and the ability to consider their long term benefits. I think being kind is more than just being nice. Kindness considers what would most benefit those you interact with. We come across many people in life. Of different racial, ethnic, religious backgrounds, of different gender identities and sexual orientations. Being kind to people is not just to tolerate their presence, but to celebrate them and their individuality. To respect and stand up for each other when we need each other. To love each other as we love ourselves. To help each other be the best versions of ourselves, even when it involves the most difficult conversations. Just be...kind.

Spending time at a donation centre
Do for others and help them have their best human experience


Things happen in life. Things that are out of our control. Sometimes you can relate to what others are experiencing. Other times you can’t. But regardless, we are all together in this common human experience. The least we can do for each other is this journey we call life. I think it is difficult to put yourself in someone else’s shoes especially if you can’t relate to their circumstances. But humans are complex beings. The human experience is complex and unique to each of us. But once we start trying to understand each other, our experiences, the easier it becomes to form a united front in tackling bigger problems that plague our world.

empathy and compassion
Empathy and compassion are key human qualities


The saying goes “hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”. And I wholeheartedly believe if you’ve worked hard for something, you deserve to own it. Now I’m not saying dim your light—we don’t do that for anyone. But I am saying be humble about everything you have going for you. It's easily perceived as arrogance for one. And believe me, the best is always yet to come. Our successes speak volumes. And you always have progression to look forward to as long as you keep trying and stay humble.


I mean this in two ways. The first way is being aware of the emotions that you feel. Sometimes you don’t know. Many lead their lives not knowing themselves. Which puts them at an inconvenience. It's hard to give love and energy to others when you don’t give it to yourself. And if you try to, it’s so, so draining. Find yourself first. Learn self-love. And the second way is in regard to others. Sometimes, it's difficult to understand other feelings but as soon as you detect a change in their behaviour, do your best to be there for them however they want you to be. Emotional intelligence is key to long-lasting relationships.

Self-love and love for others
With emotional intelligence comes love.


Nothing worth having comes easy. And life itself is a hustle. Things may not go the way you plan initially. But I believe that the best is always yet to come. You could be waiting days, weeks, months, maybe years. But when the time comes and what you want arrives, you’ll start your boss era. Nothing and no-one can take this away from you. Stick with the hustle. It’ll be worth it in the ends.

man fishing by a lake
Struggle in silence and let success make the noise.


Being a good person is subjective. Then again, a lot of things in life are. Be a good person not because you want to be acknowledged as such, but because if each of us tries just a little bit each day to be a little bit better, we can create a better world, a kind world, a loving world where there’s space for all of us to be celebrated, respected and appreciated. And together we can create a united front dealing with the greater issues that we all face globally.

a globe with two people shaking hands
We are one.


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