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  • Ana Pujol

Materializing Memories: Senior Boxes

You finally did it! You got to senior year. Your very last year of high school of being surrounded by your childhood friends and partaking in beloved traditions. It’s a bittersweet landmark, yet it is a year you will look back on for the rest of your life. So how can you take advantage of it? How can you remember the magic of YOUR year beyond pictures on your feed or memories on your phone? I started my senior year this past week, and I wanted to do something different to materialize the moment and truly be able to someday come back and reminisce on the good and the bad. The day before school started,I decided to put together a crafting activity which allowed me to do just that. I created my very own “senior box”. Here’s how you can make your own.

friends smiling for mirror picture



  • Box (size of your choice, I recommend a medium-sized one, it could be any material, but I strongly recommend wood as it is more durable.)

  • Acrylic Paints (any color, I chose purple as it is my class color)

  • Decorations of your choice.

wooden box and purple paint


  • Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, you have a couple of options to make this even more memorable! You can grab some friends, head to the beach, and create your boxes there, which means you simultaneously are creating one of your first senior memories. You can also choose to do it on your own while watching your favorite show or listening to your favorite artist in order to really take in the moment.

diy activities with friends

  • Start by painting the box on all sides with your base color. Make sure to leave plenty of time for each side to dry in order to create the best outcome possible. If you’re using a box with a lock— make sure to let the box dry entirely before shutting it close, otherwise the paint will stick together and it will prove an arduous task to reopen it (speaking from experience, oops!).

purple wooden box

  • Optional Step: If you want, you can use different shades of paint in order to add dimensions to your box! Get creative here, really make it your own. You can also choose to write “senior year” in paint, or you can take a different route (see next step)

  • Grab your decorations and get to work! I chose to add glitter stickers which spell “senior year” rather than painting it on the box, because I wanted my box to match my senior crown. Additionally, I added star stickers and little flowers all over the place. This step is completely optional and personal. Have fun!

  • Fill the box out progressively throughout the school year! Add tickets to your shows, games, notes from your friends, and little mementos you will inevitably pick up throughout the year.

purple senior year box


This was truly a special experience for me. It gave me so much to look forward to, and I know that someday it’ll give me just as much to look back on. This experience doesn’t have to be limited to senior year either! You can make one for any special event or year you want to be able to look back on from a different perspective. Up next, freshman year of college box!


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