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  • Avril Rodriguez

Start This Weekend Tradition With Your Bestie

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Summertime calls for binge watching your favorite shows and movies. But what better way to do that than with your bestie? Making time to do things with your friends, while also having a great time, is vital to maintaining your authentic relationships.

So propose this to your friend: a watch party of your favorite movie franchise or TV show with themed foods and drinks. For this watch party, my friend and I chose The Summer I Turned Pretty, in honor of the show’s second season release last Friday.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start this exciting tradition with your friends.

1. Have an Established Theme

First things first, pick a show or a movie that is a guaranteed “yes!” among your friends. Make sure to set up a good time and date where other events won’t intrude, so you can put your full focus into the movie night ahead.

For this watch party, my friend and I chose The Summer I Turned Pretty. It is the ideal show because of its relevance to the summertime, the relatable characters, and the series drama.

Bake Some Cookies

Start off the night by baking something delicious from scratch. If you're not very talented when it comes to the art of baking (like myself), prepare a pastry that is not too difficult to perfect and will be a guaranteed tasty treat for when it comes to watching the movie or series.

We chose to bake the infamous Neiman Marcus cookies which were a hit with our friends and family. We bought all the ingredients prior to meeting up, so we had everything ready in time for the movie.

When planning the watch party, make sure that everyone signs up to bring an ingredient or item to really maximize the theme of the night!

3. Make Mocktails

Next, make some mocktails (unless your over the age of 21). We chose to make some spicy pomegranate margarita mocktails inspired by TSITP season 1 frozen margaritas.

If you’d like to be in theme, for example, take Harry Potter and the Butterbeer of the Wizarding World. Rather than making mocktails, you can find out how to make butterbeer - a wizarding delicacy.

Here’s the recipe we used:

3. Discuss Your Predictions and Thoughts

After baking your pastries, making your mocktails, and ordering some pizza or Chinese food, discuss your predictions and thoughts of the movie or series.

If you're watching the release of a new movie, discuss your predictions based on the trailer and your thoughts on the characters before commencing the watch party.

If you’re watching a book-inspired movie or series, share your thoughts on what you would like to see from the book and see how it plays out in the movie or series.

4. Pick a Movie Watching Spot

Lastly, and most importantly, pick a movie watching spot. It can either be yours or your friends living room, bedroom, basement, backyard, garage - you get the point. Pick a spot free from other worldly distractions that will interrupt from the watch party. Also, make a pact or effort with your friends to turn off cell phones and interact + share thoughts as you watch the film or series.

Now call your friend, set a time and date, and go start your themed watch party!


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