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Quiz: Which The Summer I Turned Pretty Character Are You Most Like?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I've been dying to watch the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime which comes out July 14, 2023. What better way to celebrate TSITP than with a quiz to see which character you are most like? Find out below!

two teenagers standing in front of a red jeep

Prime Video / Tiffany Shinn

1. What does the ideal night out look like to you?

A. Late night swim with friends

B. Going to a party with your besties

C. Staying in and watching a movie

D. On a nice dinner date with someone you like

2. What does your ideal first date look like?

A. Drive-in movie

B. Going to the fair or an arcade

C. A day out sailing

D. Going out to dinner

3. What is your favorite summertime activity ?

A. Going to the beach

B. Going out with friends

C. Doing water-sports (sailing, surfing, kayaking, etc.)

D. Traveling to different cities

4. What would your friends describe you as in one word?

A. Cheerful

B. Playful

C. Secretive

D. Daring

6. Pick your dream car

A. BMW 3 series

B. Jeep Wrangler

C. Vintage Ford Bronco

D. Volkswagen Jetta

7. What are the qualities you find most important in a person ?

A. They're caring

B. They're fun to be around

C. They have a positive outlook on life

D. Their attractiveness

8. If your friends ask you for a favor you...

A. Say "yes, of course" even if it doesn't benefit you

B. Think about it but agree to do it

C. Ask several questions to see what the favor entails

D. Think about how it may benefit you first


If you picked mostly A's you are most like...

Belly! Sometimes you might be indecisive, but at the end of the day you always follow your heart ... even if you might make things messy. When bad situations present themselves, you always are determined to lift others up and remain cheerful despite the events taking place.

a girl smiles

Prime Video / Tiffany Shinn

If you picked mostly B's you are most like...

Jeremiah! You're the life of the party. You always know how to have a good time and you have an outgoing and playful personality. Even though you can come across as a carefree spirit, it can get you into messy situations - despite your playfulness.

two boys shirtless with a towel over their shoulders

Prime Video / Tiffany Shinn

If you picked mostly C's you are most like...

Conrad! Sometimes you may try to keep things together even if they may be way out of your control. You make rational decisions, and at first you may seem secretive, but as people get to know you, they see that you are a caring and kind person.

a boy looks up at the sky while sitting on the bench while on the phone

Prime Video / Tiffany Shinn

If you picked mostly D's you are most like...

Taylor! You are very confident in your looks and will always stand up for your friends no matter the cause. You may at times make mistakes based on your impulsiveness to cease the moment, but in the end you always know what's right from wrong.

a guy rolls his eyes as a couple cuddles in the front of a car

Prime Video / Tiffany Shinn


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