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FOOD REVIEW: Lulu In The Grove.

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

When thinking of the gastronomical hot spots of Miami tourism, most people typically think of Miami Beach, Wynwood, and Brickell. However, in recent years, Miami has seen an increase in restaurants and bars in the southern part of the city, including the neighborhood of Coconut Grove. The Grove is known throughout Miami as an excellent place for nightlife, shopping, and for undoubtedly good eats. Since the reopening and renovation of the notorious CocoWalk this year, the area has become crowded left and right with many innovative restaurants. For over thirteen years, one of these restaurants, “Lulu In The Grove”, has been a Miami staple for “New American” cuisine, and is regarded as a top choice brunch restaurant in all of the city.

Logo of "Lulu In The Grove" restaurant

Growing up in Miami, my mom always made it a mission to take me out to nice places to eat and to expand my taste in different foods and restaurants. Lulu In The Grove was one of the first restaurants to which we went together, and I recall indulging in their delicious take on chicken and waffles. This weekend, I decided to revisit the location and check out what Lulu’s had to offer for brunch on an (EXTREMELY) sunny Miami day.

People eating at Lulu In The Grove and being served




Goat Cheese Croquettes in Guava BBQ sauce

My lunch partner and I started the meal with the “Goat Cheese Croquettes” as our appetizer. The dish comes with about six small croquettes and is served with a Guava BBQ sauce. I would say that this is a good appetizer for two people. They are small in size, but incredibly big in flavor. When they say “Goat Cheese”, they mean goat cheese, because the appetizer truly packs a cheesy flavor punch and pairs incredibly well with the sweet Guava sauce, which helps balance out the distinct earthy/tart flavor of the cheese. Overall, this sophisticated take on croquettes, or as we say in Miami, “Croquetas”, was a great way to kick off our meal and hold us over until our entrees arrived.


Coconut Shrimp in plate with sauces

For my entree, I chose to go with the Coconut Shrimp served with their Chilli Lemon sauce and Tzatziki. This dish is listed as an appetizer, but I had been craving Coconut Shrimp for quite some time and caved in. Additionally, the majority of the menu is made up of breakfast foods, and I was looking for a more lunch-forward dish. The dish comes with six servings of coconut-breaded shrimp, and they are delectable. If you’re looking for a bigger meal, it can be paired with any of their sides. I paired my meal with Lulu’s asparagus, which was just as delicious as I expected it to be. The Tzatziki was a delightful match with the shrimp, and I would 10/10 recommend it.


Burger and Fries on a plate with sauce

My lunch date decided to go ahead with the Lulu Burger. In his very own words, the burger could be described as “Very juicy, and all around great”. The serving size is quite sizeable, and it comes with fries as a side. This meal could potentially be shared if you’re looking to try multiple things from the menu. Additionally, the burger has a Chipotle Mayo that ties it all together. The Lulu Burger is a house staple that I would heavily recommend to anyone looking for a more filling, absolutely delicious meal.


cheesecake with whipped cream and mint leaf

This Salted Caramel Cheesecake was the perfect bite to end our trip to Lulu In The Grove. The size was perfect to be shared by two, and the product delivered what it promised - a delicious caramel swirl with a rich cream cheese base. They also have a chocolate cake and tres leches as dessert options, but if you’re a big caramel fan like myself, this is the way to go.


The delicious food paired with the bright and enjoyable ambiance of the restaurant makes Lulu In The Grove a restaurant that you must try when in Miami. The service was great, the atmosphere was welcoming, and you can tell that they put a lot of love into their food. I will certainly be back at Lulu very soon and if you have the opportunity, go treat yourself to a memorable brunch.

camera, TPL staff member Ana Pujol with LULU menu

Me at Lulu!

Photos by: Ana Pujol


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