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  • Nicole Kettel

This Brie-Grilled Cheese in Coral Gables Is "To Die-For"

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

I frequently get asked by family and friends which restaurant I highly recommend in Coral Gables. Mamey is always at the top of my list when recommending. It’s located directly across the University of Miami and resides on the first floor of the Thesis Hotel.

Before We Get to the Food:

The indoor-outdoor location gives you the choice to be situated inside the hotel or outside in the patio. The inside is embellished with plants and earthy paintings that give the illusion of a serene jungle. Meanwhile, the detailed furniture ties the homey-down-to-earth vibe together. You will feel immersed in nature during inside or outside dining!

The Must-Haves:

There are two items on the menu that are a definite must-have when ordering. I receive many strange looks when I say to people that the grilled cheese is probably the best entree on the menu. It’s not your average grilled cheese, it’s a Brie grilled cheese laid on top of mango jelly, freshly made in Homestead, Florida. I can’t stress enough how delicious and unique this grilled cheese is. The infusion of flavors makes your mouth water and beware: one order of grilled cheese will not be enough!

Table of food with grilled cheese and plantain chips
Nicole Kettel

The next must-have on the menu is the tomatillo sauce with a side of freshly made plantains and yuca chips. The chips dipped in the sauce make for the best appetizer. The chips fresh crunch along with the flavorful salsa will leave you wanting more and more.

Mamey's exquisite food and service is the reason I am always eager to return. After trying the cheese burger, grilled cheese, chips and salsa, chicken platter, and several other plates, I confidently recommend the restaurant to anyone who is looking for great food and an experience.


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