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  • Nicole Kettel

Is Carbone REALLY Worth the Hype?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the restaurant Carbone. Carbone is arguably the most hyped up restaurant in Miami at the moment. A-list celebs are spotted eating here weekly, which makes everyone want to know what is the hype all about?

Here’s the First Thing You Need to Know:

  • It takes weeks (and even months) to book a reservation. Personally, I was on a waitlist to the ACTUAL waitlist. I booked the reservation in January for a spot in March and after posting Carbone’s food on social media, all my friends bombarded me with the question: “IS CARBONE WORTH THE HYPE?” Well, I’m here to honestly tell you all about my experience.


The one dish everyone must-try is the Spicy Rigatoni. This dish is famous all over Instagram and our waiter even told us we must order at least one portion - we ended up ordering four.

It really was the best rigatoni I have ever tried, and possibly the best pasta I have ever savored.

The Hazelnut Chocolate dessert is also a must. It is a chocolate cake topped with gold flakes and a scoop of ice cream - A SOLID 9/10.

Nicole Kettel


And as for the location, it's situated in South Beach, neighboring several other hot spots such as Joe's Stone Crab and Call Me Gaby. I was surprised to see it is a decently small space, but the restaurant was able to create a very homey environment. The decor is stunning all throughout the restaurant, filled with green, red, and pink accents.

the inside of the Carbone restaurant Miami

Here’s What You Must Know, but Most Likely Already Assume:

  • The prices are quite high ($$$$). Although the prices are expensive, I still advise you to try it out because you will not be disappointed.

  • A large basket of three types of bread will be brought out, which by the way is the largest amount of bread in a basket I have EVER seen a restaurant provide you with. Three different varieties of bread, each delivering exquisite flavors. Believe me when I say that the bread is AMAZING.

Nicole Kettel

I highly recommend this restaurant to my Miami natives and those visiting the Miami area. You can also find a Carbone in New York City, New York, if you’re not close to or planning on visiting Miami.


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