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  • Nicole Kettel

Is Carbone REALLY Worth the Hype?

Updated: May 16

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the restaurant Carbone. Carbone is arguably the most hyped up restaurant in Miami at the moment. A-list celebs are spotted eating here weekly, which makes everyone want to know what is the hype all about?

Here’s the First Thing You Need to Know:

  • It takes weeks (and even months) to book a reservation. Personally, I was on a waitlist to the ACTUAL waitlist. Crazy right? I booked the reservation in January for a spot in March and after posting Carbone’s food on social media, all my friends bombarded me with the question: “IS CARBONE WORTH THE HYPE?” Well, I’m here to honestly tell you all about my experience.


The one dish everyone must-try is the Spicy Rigatoni. This dish is famous all over Instagram and our waiter even told us we must order at least one portion - we ended up ordering four.

It really was the best rigatoni I have ever tried, and possibly the best pasta I have ever savored.

Furthermore, The Hazelnut Chocolate dessert is also a must. It is a chocolate cake topped with gold flakes and a scoop of ice cream - A SOLID 9/10.


And as for the location, it's situated in South Beach, neighboring several other hot spots such as Joe's Stone Crab and Call Me Gaby. I was surprised to see it is a decently small space, but the restaurant was able to create a very homey environment. The decor is stunning all throughout the restaurant, filled with green, red, and pink accents.

Here’s What You Must Know, but Most Likely Already Assume:

  • The prices are quite high ($$$$). Although the prices are expensive, I still advise you to try it out because you will not be disappointed.

  • A large basket of three types of bread will be brought out, which by the way is the largest amount of bread in a basket I have EVER seen a restaurant provide you with. Three different varieties of bread, each delivering exquisite flavors. Believe me when I say that the bread is AMAZING.

Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant to my Miami natives and those visiting the Miami area. You can also find a Carbone in New York City, New York, if you’re not close to or planning on visiting Miami.

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