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Incorporate 80's Fashion Into Your Closet

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

80’s fashion in the 20th century was a turning point for Western society. During the 1970’s more people began to come out of their shells and started dressing more expressively - highlighting their ideals and beliefs. A prime example are the Hippies who held a strong movement for an end to the Vietnam War and global peace during the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

Neutral colors were out and bright colors were in. In the United States, the latest trends were always ahead in the West while the East coast got to the trends a few month or even years later. Stranger Things, Netflix’s biggest hit tv show, revitalized 80’s fashion during the 21st century and has inspired more people to wear iconic pieces that were once popular in 1983. From the Chuck Taylor’s used in basketball until the introduction of the Nike Air Forces, all the way to the use of bright colored windbreakers and expressive graphic tees.

"Here’s how YOU can integrate more 80’s fashion trends into your life"

Reebok Sneakers

Why go for the regular Club C Reebok Sneakers when you can buy high tops? These shoes will go with any outfit being that they’re white. You can compare them to the high top Air Force 1’s, but I would say these have a more sleek finish and really transport you and your outfit to another decade while still sticking to the trends of today. You can pair these sneakers with some high waisted jeans or jean shorts, and the shirt of your choice.

Nike Classic Cortez

When I first saw Steve Harrington wear Nike Blazers in Stranger Things season 4 - I was obsessed. Being a proud owner of high top cream-colored Nike Blazers, I loved the low-top Cortez’s with the red swoosh in the show. The shoes can be paired with jeans, shorts, or dresses. They go with everything. But to really get the 80’s look, buy low top Blazer’s with a basic color way.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are considered some people's worst nightmare, but they’re some of my favorite fashion items to be part of an outfit. If styled the wrong way shoulder pads can look beyond terrible but with the right top and bottoms, you can make a very simple yet glamorous look. When wearing a blazer with shoulder pads, for example, I like to wear a square top to accentuate my chest and neck, so that the touch of the shoulder pads is still there but it's not in your face.

For the Curly-Headed Girls

For all the curly-headed girls - this one is for you. Many girls with curly hair will shy away from wearing it out because it can be UNPREDICTABLE. I know from experience - being that I have curls myself. The best way to ensure that your hair drys perfectly is to use a curling cream / leave in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and prevent it from getting frizzy.

Puka Shells Necklaces

When you first think of puka shells you probably dont think of the 80s. Rather, you think of the 2019 Summer VSCO trend where everyone and their mother was wearing a puka shell necklace. Although it has been a consistent piece in fashion history for decades, the puka shell was considered a trendy piece of jewlery for teenagers at the time. If you want to stick the 80’s trends when combining an outift, make sure to buy a white puka shell because those were the most common in the 1980’s.

High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted boyfriend jeans can be commonly seen in period movies that take place in the 80s AND movies from the 80’s. They were usually paired with just about any shoe, but mostly Chuck Taylors, Reeboks, and Nikes. You can find high-waisted jeans in any of your favorite shops that have a large selection of jeans.

Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt

Last but not least, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts. Just the other day Bella Hadid was spotted wearing a sweatshirt half-on and half-off! It was not the same as an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, but it was definitely with the right idea. You can find most off-the-shoulder sweatshirts in thrift stores, stores with select vintage clothes, or online.


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