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Opinion | Will Bad Bunny Be Able to Leave a Legacy in the Music Industry for Future Generations?

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

I’ve been listening to Bad Bunny since I was in the sixth grade. I know, his music is a little heavy for a twelve-year-old, but what can I say, I’m a crowd goer! 2017 was the year I first listened to Bad Bunny’s music and to put it simply - I was obsessed.

Formally known as Benito Martinez Ocasio, Bad Bunny began his music journey at fourteen years old and has since climbed to the top of the music charts. Originally from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, Martinez Ocasio began to release songs through SoundCloud. His first biggest hits include but are not limited to, Krippy Kush, Diles, and Solita which was in collaboration with several known artists including Arcangel. These were the first songs of his I listened to and they can be seen as his origins in Latin Trap. Krippy Kush is just a song about marijuana. The song is so unconventional, yet so catchy. Looking back, I can’t believe I listened to the lyrics of the song recurringly throughout my first year of middle school. Either way, these two songs, among others, opened up Martinez Ocasio’s horizons in the music industry.

Now that you know a little bit about Bad Bunny, let’s dive deep into a long-debated question. Who will be the next person to carry the Latin music industry? As we know, many of the artists who made reggaeton popular, are retiring, and there has been a long-debated argument on whether Bad Bunny or Anuel AA, among others, will continue the legacies of singers like Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam.

Bad Bunny certainly will be the next leader of the Latin music industry. At first, I didn’t believe this to be true, being that his music can be inappropriate and not suitable for all ages, but when I attended his last tour El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo I knew that Bad Bunny would leave a legacy that would be hard to recreate/continue.

His first album X100 PRE also came with an arena tour in the United States. I attended his first concert in Miami, Florida and at thirteen, I can say that that concert was great, but not amazing. Bad Bunny had just released his first album and did not have a large variety of songs compared to now, even though this did not affect his song lineup on his first tour to be exquisite. In 2019, I was not convinced that Bad Bunny would be the next

leader of the Latin music genre. The singer still needed to create a larger variation in his music and improve his performance on stage. Now, some people may argue against this, but this is opinion writing, is it not?

After going to his last show of El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo I could say that I was completely struck by Bad Bunny’s performance. My father who once said he would never enjoy the artist’s music, ended up leaving the concert as a fan. Bad Bunny’s show set up, performance, and music choices for the concert were impeccable and I was able to see the singer in a new light. When I say this, I talk about many of the singers in today’s generation who are famous for a few years but never leave their mark for the following generation - which I believe Bad Bunny will certainly do.

Can I say that Bad Bunny will replace the King of Reggeaton, Daddy Yankee? No. Will Bad Bunny be able to create his title and leave his mark in the music industry? Yes.


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