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The Views of Taylor Swift From Many Dedicated Fans

Taylor Swift's sensational tour, The Eras Tour, has been a thrilling experience for many fans who have grown up or recently become fans of Taylor Swift. Many fans have uploaded live streams or videos on popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram. In interviewing some of these fans, information like how Swift's music affects them and what their favorite album is are a couple of things off of the topics asked.

Taylor coming on stage for opener Miss Americana

Courtesy of @mitchyalx

Fan Favorite Albums:

For many fans, the standard answer to "What is your favorite Taylor Swift Album?" is "That's a tough question." In interviewing a few of Swif't's many fans, I was able to come to the conclusion that the top favorite albums are Reputation, favored by @cicilovecheese, @1989vinyl, and @mitchyalx; Fearless Taylor's Version, selected by @kaitlyn and @beckiewiththegoodstuff, Speak Now Taylor's Version: determined by @savvyyy96, 1989: selected by @brookee.phamm, and finally Lover: favored @vc.ortiz_. All ten of Swift's albums are beloved by all her fans, and the re-recording albums are now being used instead of the original versions owned by Republic Records, showing support for Taylor Swift. Swift can connect her fans to each song, which makes it difficult to pick an album to be the favorite when fans all equally favor them.

Courtesy of @cicilovecheese

Nights Attended and Surprise Songs:

Taylor Swift completed her first leg of the Eras Tour on August 9th. Many fans had hoped for one of Taylor's tricks during her concerts, when fan theories led them to believe in a possible reveal of another re-recorded album. The lucky show to receive the announcement of Speak Now Taylor's Version was Nashville Night One, May 5th. Speak Now Taylor's Version was released on July 7th during Night One of Kansas City. Lastly, Swift announced 1989 Taylor's Version release on August 9th in her last show in Los Angeles, Night Six. Those who were at the announcement for these re-recorded albums left fans who weren't allowed to see it live a chance to watch it by live streaming it or uploading videos to TikTok.

Fan holding heart hands during Taylor's performance

Courtesy of @beckiewiththegoodstuff

One fan who could be there for the 1989 Taylor's Version announcement was @1989vinyl. On August 9th, the surprise songs were New Romantics, which fans had been hoping for since the beginning of the tour, and New Year's Day, she also attended Nashville Night One, where Swift played Sparks Fly and Tear Drops On My Guitar. Two fans attended the Tampa shows on 4/13: @kaitlyn, the surprise songs were Speak Now, the title track, and Treacherous; on 4/15, @vc.ortiz_ heard, and the surprise songs played were Mean and Mad Woman with Aaron Dessner. @brookee.phamm attended Denver Night 2, July 15th, and the surprise songs played were Starlight and Back To December. In Detroit, @savvyyy96 attended both shows, and the surprise songs were Haunted, I Almost Do, All You Had To Do Was Stay, and Breathe. @beckiewiththegoodstuff attended on multiple nights. She attended Vegas Night 2, where the surprise songs were Cowboy Like Me with Marcus Mumford and White Horse; Santa Clara Night 2, where the surprise songs were Stay Stay Stay and All Of The Girls; lastly, L.A. Night 2, where the songs were Our Song and You Are In Love. For the surprise songs at Seattle Night 2, @cicilovecheese attended and heard Swift perform Message in A Bottle and Tied Together With A Smile. Lastly, @mitchyalx attended Arlington, Texas Night 2, and the surprise songs played were Death By A Thousand Cuts and Clean. Many Swift fans went into the tour hoping she would play the song they hoped for. Songs like Cornelia Street, Getaway Car, Haunted, Mary's Song, Peace, and Hoax are just a few of the fans' most wanted liked songs that they hoped Taylor would play acoustically.

Courtesy of @mitchyalx

Taylor Swift's Worldwide Impact On Her Fans:

Throughout the world, fans can all say that Taylor Swift has left a residing effect on them that cannot be shaken. Whether that is because Taylor had helped them through a breakup or she has been a music figure since they could remember, the impact of Taylor Swift is something we can never forget. For instance, some fans state that Swift has a way of knowing precisely what they need to hear, and that sets a long-term relationship between music with their fans and Swift's music. Some associate her music with a time of importance in their lives. Some find Swift's music to be an aid when going through the process of grieving the loss of a loved one. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially if someone holds memories with the one they lost to these songs. Taylor's songs become more meaningful the further her fans can connect and bring her fans closer to each other with their shared love for Swift's songs.

Courtesy of @savvyyy96

For other fans, it has allowed them to express themselves in ways that they have struggled with for a long time. Fans are able to bond with each other and connect with other fans, creating lasting friendships. In some ways, Swift's music is an outlet for younger fans to find their true selfs and hep themexpress who they are truly are. Swift truly knows how to connect with her fans and that is something every artist should strive for when writing their music and preforming for their fans.


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