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This Summer in Tours

Throughout the summer of 2023, superstars have graced cities across the United States and the world, sharing their music with adoring fans. From June to August, massive artists such as Beyoncé, P!nk, Drake, and Taylor Swift have been on the road, leaving a legacy of glitter and sequins in every city they have graced.

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Majesty in Music


Beyoncé kicked off her summer with her ever-iconic Renaissance World Tour. Encompassing her latest album Renaissance (2022), and her limitless discography of music, the “Queen B” has traveled from Sweden to Miami, putting on an entertaining show befitting one of the largest stars in the world. Encompassing over 1 million attendees and over $200,000,000, Beyoncé has proven why she is indeed the queen. This two and a half hour show opens with Beyoncé performing her song that transcends decades, “Dangerously in Love”. Following this iconic opener, Beyoncé, joined by her daughter, Blue Ivy, and the Renaissance World Tour Dancers put on a show consisting of ballroom dance, hip hop dance, and house and RNB music. Throughout this tour, she has proven why she is a phenomenon and considered one of the greatest musical minds of all time. From the staging to the costume design, Beyoncé has proven to the hive why she is “that girl”.


Taylor Swift, one of the best-selling pop musicians and songwriters of our time has traveled across the world on the “Eras Tour”. This tour is described as a magical experience by many fans as Swift uses her music as a time machine, transporting fans to the past, present, and future with songs from her many albums. This show pays homage to her many albums, and throughout this 3 hour show, Swift puts on a show so magical, many fans are left awestruck. This tour began in March of 2023, and is set to conclude in November of 2024, a yearlong representation of Swift’s talent, dancing, and songwriting skills. This cultural phenomenon is just picking up speed, and guaranteed to make sure all swifties have a “cruel summer”.


Additionally, Chlöe Bailey, known for her work in Chlöe x Halle has embarked on her first solo tour for her In Pieces Album. This singer-songwriter is known for eight years of music made with her sister in a duo act. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, both sisters have entertained solo projects with Chlöe writing, singing, and producing her debut solo studio album, and Halle playing Ariel in the hit live action Little Mermaid movie. Since the release of this hit album, Bailey has participated in a North American tour, visiting cities such as Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York City to share her beautiful music. Though Bailey has a smaller discography, she makes up for it with a large stage presence, talented dancers, and a voice that goes on for miles. Not seeing Bailey on tour will leave you “in pieces”.


Finally, throughout this summer, Drake has been on one of the largest hip hop tours with 21 savage as they promote their album “Her Loss” in the “It’s All a Blur Tour”. This tour has had performances of songs such as”Spin Bout You”, “Marvin’s Room”, and “Rockstar” as both artists promote their individual work and their collaborative songs. This tour began in early July and is set to continue through October as the artists visit cities across the world, bringing their pyrotechnics and incredible sets to 56 cities.

Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Drake are only a few of the many stars on world tours. Without a doubt, this summer will go down in the music hall of fame, and we are all so lucky to have witnessed it.


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