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Put It On Without Breaking The Bank; How to Achieve A Cute Look With Affordable Clothing

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

There has probably been many times when you thought to yourself ; "Man...I really need a new wardrobe" but in reality, you didn't have the money to do so. Here's how to dress like a runway model, without spending high end cash.

Clothes on rack

1. Hand Me Downs

This first method has been passed down from generation to generation throughout the centuries (quite literally). In my opinion, I believe that there is nothing better than free clothes from family and loved ones. Now the topic of hand-me-downs might be a little controversial being that maybe you don't want to wear the clothing of your older relatives, but trust me, there is no better way to get a bunch of cool clothes for the free, that has at least a touch of style. Asking your relatives who are always dripping, but never drowning for clothes that they see as a waste of space will always work in your favor. I mean, why wouldn't I ask my big cousin with all of the staple Y2K pieces for a few stylish items that she is clearly not putting to good use?

2. Thrifting

I know that Emma Chamberlain had a crippling grip on everyone in 2018 when she exposed the most infamous way to get cheap clothes, and still being the best dressed in the room at all times when she let you all know that thrifting is the way to go. I'm just here to reiterate that the queen was absolutely right. When people ask me where do I get my clothes, Goodwill is going to be heard at least 92% of the time. As a person who adores dressing up and always looking my best, I know the struggle of having barely $5 to my name but wanting a new outfit for a function. That's why I head to the Goodwill bins with a quickness. $1.75 for a pound of clothes couldn't be beat with a bat. Fear not if there is no Goodwill near you, because it's not the only thrift store to exist (besides in my mind). Any local thrift store will work (make sure you head to the ones where mostly older people shop because that's where all the goods are ;) ).

4. Trading

Similar to heirloom clothing mentioned previously, trading clothes is another good way to: 1. Get rid of clothes you don't want, and 2. make good use of the clothes that you love, but someone you know doesn't want. I love giving away clothes that I can't fit to others who desire them in exchange for clothes that I've been plotting on, but never had the chance to get. It's the best win-win deal I know.

5. DIY

Having hobbies can be pretty expensive, and this one is no exception depending on how creative you are. DIYing your clothes is the cheapest thing you can do, because you're just turning clothes that you already have, into things you want with other things that you own. But I know that there is always that one person (me) who loves to be extra, and can take DIYing to a whole new making their own clothes. Sewing is the final boss of DIYing clothes, and takes a lot of saving for you to execute certain things properly, but once you get the hang of designing and creating your own clothes, you won't want to stop.

The thought of buying clothes can be over bearing, but why put yourself in a financial coma, when you can have you already have to get what you desire?


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