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Haute Highlights: The Maison Margiela Artisanal 2024 Show

Updated: Feb 6

The show that set off 2024 on a high note: the Maison Margiela show was the talk of January. Here is a recap of the show - in case you missed it.

To kick off the show, there is a live performance by Lucky Love and assisting singers Luc Bruyère, Tuomo Korander, Tommi Vatamen, singing Now I Don't Need Your Love.

Models display a series of actions in a storytelling short film by opening model Leon Dame, who seems to be an extremely skeptical character. Dame comes into contact with four different people from three different settings, but with each character he physically adjoins with, there is a variation of emotion and action within each character taking place. In the four different people there is a mix of love, lust, sensuality, and especially greed.

To end the short story, Leon runs straight into the start of the runway, and sets the tone for every other model following. The runway is set inside the underbelly of Paris during the 1920-30's, filled with sketchy areas and dubious activity. We see drinks scattered across wooden tables and puddles of rain throughout the streets. The weather is a bit frightful, but the models are everything but.

As the models walk, we see their dramatic clothing that not only reflects the atmosphere of the underbelly of Paris, but the emotions of the models. We have exaggerated corsets, heels that make the models tower over the crowd, and hairstyles and makeup fit for monarchs. The female models are dressed in dresses and suits that adjust to the shape of the corsets provided and go from minis to maxis in length. Described in that sense, it sounds oh so modest, but over half the dresses were actually sheer and accented the anatomy of each model. These models walked with complete poise and purpose yet were quite uncanny and opulent. The rigid, zombie like motions of each step from model Nyaduola Gabriel made this show memorable for many. Her gown and catwalk stayed planted on the world's mind.

Now for the male models, their walks were the exact opposite. They walked sneakily about the crowd, sometimes even cowardly. In their trench coats and turtlenecks, they snaked through the runway as if they had stolen from someone and everyone had witnessed.

With an outstanding job from the models and creator John Galliano, why wouldn't you expect the same with the makeup? Another showstopper stemming from the event was the makeup looks created by the one and only, Pat McGrath. Each model had skin that resembled glass, or hard candy. It was as if porcelain dolls came to life and decided to walk the runway.

The looks varied from editorial to soft and natural. Each model had a different look, and some were even covered by some sort of cloth that acted as a mask to make them look like walking mannequins.

This show was interesting to say the least. It was so hauntingly beautiful and the story behind it makes you want to know every little detail about the show.

Runway shows in the past years have been a snooze fest with everyone having these unspoken rules about how things should look in the modern world we are in, but fashion houses like Maison Margiela, Schiaparelli, and Diesel, have flawlessly executed creative designs and art on the runway again.

I'm happy to see fashion going back to being inspirational and exciting. To see so many people taking in the art, talent, and creativity put into the show and either recreating it or sharing their thoughts on how amazing it was to them makes me excited for our future in fashion. I hope other designers and creatives take this show and use it to help bring the resurgence of gifted, inventive pieces to fashion again.

Here's a link to watch the fashion show in full;


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