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  • Variah Charles

A Floridian Never Gets Cold; Winter Fashion in the Tropics

Winter might be the season of top tier fits, but we all know that we will not be getting weather colder than 55 degrees in Miami this January. Floridians aren't built for frothing temperatures anyways, so here are a few clothing items that we believe are suitable for the best of both forecasts.

1. Track Suits

One thing you will never see someone from South Florida without is a hoodie. Hail, sleet, droughts, or floods, won't stop them from being bundled up, and that is no different from (slightly) cooler temperatures. It's very common to see Floridians in track suits all year round, but the drop from 98 degrees to a frightening... 67 degrees makes it a bit cozier than usual.

2. Maxi Skirts

Tis’ the season for elongated skirts that can make an outfit look cool, modest, and elevated. Even though mini skirts have been reigning the past year as a statement piece, layering option, or for adding some extra texture and color to clothes, once we feel that the wind brush past our legs, we know we have to start taking serious precautions. Maxi skirts have had a resurgence in the past decade and are always greatly appreciated when the top half of our body is giving sauna, but our legs are giving hypothermia.

3. Boots

Flip Flops and slides are a Floridians best friend, but what happens when the temperature drops and it feels like our toes are getting frost bite? Now we make a transfer to shoes that are way more stylish and just as good for killing bugs (and making them suffer for their annoyance). Whether you're in a thigh high, Demonia, Timberland, or Uggs, you can never go wrong with boots. No matter if it is a bright sunny morning or a chilly night out, boots will keep you cozy and cute.

4. Leggings/Stockings

Where would we be without thin materials for layering? Leggings and stockings will always be a go-to to elevate an outfit while simultaneously keeping people warm and cozy during those harsh winter days. Whether you wear them as undergarments or as a statement piece for your outfit, leggings and stockings do their job at keeping the cool air outside of your outfits, all while making you look like the most fashionable person in the world, no matter how basic or extra the outfit is.


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