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A Starter Guide to Hair, Skin, Nail, and Body Care

Updated: Jan 25

In 2023, I began to take more importance in anything that related to the care of my body, skin, and face. I believe that taking care of outward appearance will have an overall positive effect mentally and physically. Here are my tips and tricks to prioritizing your self-care this New Year.

Have a Firm Skin Care Routine

I have tried it all. From buying countless products through Tik Tok recommendations to finally understanding what was right for my skin, it was a long process to understand which products worked for me. Products such as Ceraves Foaming Cleanser and The Ordinary Moisturizer broke me out and made my face oily, while for others it did wonders.

To have a skin care routine you first have to understand your skin. Here are different ways to detect what type of skin you have:

different types of skin types

Dry skin: includes feeling like your skin is tight, having flaky or peeling skin, and feeling that your skin is dry at all times.

Oily skin: includes having enlarged pores, having shiny forehead and cheeks, and having breakouts very often.

Combination skin: includes both characteristics of oily and dry but can be targeted in different areas.


For me, I figured out I had combination skin by noticing how my skin felt everyday. I mostly suffered from fungal acne on my forehead, flaky skin around my nose, and large pores around my cheeks. I also felt that my skin was very tight and dry all the time. For me, it was all about hydration. Finding products that hydrated my skin is what helped minimize my pores. Find products that hydrate your skin but does not make it oily. I recommend the Holy Hydration Eye Cream from e.l.f. and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion from Clinique - They have both done wonders for my skin.

It is important to stay consistent when establishing a new skin care routine. It is okay if you forget once in a while, but for best results and consistency in the appearance of your skin, it is best to moisturize and cleanse day and night.

Understand Your Hair

Learning to style and maintain your hair is important for preventing many diseases and conditions. Apart from this, taking care of your hair can provide you with a simple routine even in the most hectic times.

First, it is important to understand the needs of your hair. Here are some examples of damage or maintenance your hair may need:

  1. Split ends - occurs when the ends of your hair are dry, brittle, and are not even. To avoid getting split ends it is best to trim your ends every six to eight weeks.

  2. Dry Hair - occurs from excessive washing or use of heat. You’ll notice if your hair is dry if there is has been a loss of shine, falls flat, or feels rough to the touch. To combat dry hair, utilize repair hair masks and have a routine washing schedule to ensure you are not using too much shampoo which can strip your hair of its natural oils. It’s best to shampoo your hair every three to four days. Condition accordingly to wash routine with shampoo.

  3. Oily Hair - this hair condition is easy to detect. If you notice your scalp becomes excessively shiny a day or two after washing, this means you have oily hair. There a variety of reasons why people may have an oily scalp. It can be due to genetics, hormones, over washing, or even product buildup. To combat an oily scalp, it is important to notice if you may need to wash every other day or use less product. It is all about measuring what is best for you.

different hair types

My favorite hairstyles:

To give off the clean girl aesthetic for the new year, there are a variety of hairstyles to compliment a neutral and simple outfit. Nevertheless, here are my two favorites:

Slick Back

The slick back is essentially that. Creating a middle part in your hairline and brushing your hair back. While doing so, add hair gel and hairspray to assure it stays put throughout the day, You can pick this “slick-back” with either a regular ponytail, bun, or braid. This hairstyle is best for days when the roots of your hair begin to get greasy or to have a simple clean look without having to do much effort.

Wild and Free

A simple blowout for your hair can be hard to master, but this detailed step-by-step video will give you the perfect shiny hair every time.

Manicured Hands

Another important part of self-care is taking care of your hands. This can be with to without adding nail polish or gel to your natural nails, but simply taking care of your nails by keeping them at a short length, shaping them, and making sure they are strong and healthy. If you are like me, going to the salon can be hard to fit into the schedule. Learning to do your nails at home cans ave you time and money. On the other hand, if you do prefer getting your nails done at the salon, I recommend going every two weeks to assure that your nails are polished, clean, and healthy.

Remember, it is important to moisturize your hands! If you are not used to adding moisturizer to your hands, create a habit of adding it every time you go to the bathroom after washing your hands.

A Shaving Schedule

For all the ladies and gents that like to have bare legs, armpits, etc. it is important to have a routine for shaving, exfoliating, and moisturizing. First, notice how often your body hair grows back. For me it is every two days that I like to shave. Before shaving, I exfoliate using a scrub and then use a non-scented shaving soap to ensure I do not get a cuts or razor bumps from shaving improperly. For my legs, I shave against the direction of my hairs. After shaving, I like to moisturize to ensure my legs do not get ashy. If you notice that your skin in patchy or flaky, it may mean that your skin is very dry and needs hydration.


Setting self-care habits can be hard, but with consistency it will provide your with routine, structure, and confidence! I hope these tricks and tips help you. Hasta luego!


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