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  • Avril Rodriguez

Healthy Habits You Should Start in 2023

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Year after year, creating New Year's resolutions is designed to help you become a better version of yourself. This "better version" may only last at least two weeks to two months because we think of New Year's Resolutions as fast and easy solutions to eliminate our old habits. But to break daily practices that once were, you must keep an open mind to change and defy discomfort. You cannot adapt to change if you cannot withstand pain and temptations. Scrap the old habits and think of 2023 as the year to become a better version of yourself.

" You cannot adapt to change if you cannot withstand pain and temptations."

Here are some habits you can start applying to your life in 2023:

1. Making your bed in the mornings

Making my bed in the mornings is something I struggle to do, but I would like to continue throughout the year. I've heard that after you continuously start doing something, after twenty days, you will see it as part of your daily routine - just like if you had to brush your teeth. By applying this practice, your room will seem clean on messy days and will make your room put together. Additionally, you will have a more productive day because you've already cleared one thing from your checklist.

2. Having a journal

Having a place where you can keep and share your thoughts is a great way to release any negative energies/tensions holding you back from your full potential. You can use your journal to plan your day, keep checklists, jot down ideas, or even write down your thoughts. Writing down reminders and motivational quotes is a great way to keep you returning to your journal.

3. Showing gratitude / being grateful

Even if you believe in something or nothing at all, counting your blessings can keep you on your feet and thinking straight. Sometimes we may get too caught up in things that may happen at the moment that we may lose sight of what we value most, like our family and friends. Taking a few minutes every day to reflect on good things that worked out for you will help you stay positive and focus on your goals more clearly.

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4.Mindful eating

Mindful eating means taking caring for and nourishing your body correctly. Making New Year's Resolutions may create unrealistic standards for food that make us want to quit our food goals two weeks into the New Year. Instead of limiting yourself to a "diet," be more mindful of what you consume. Know if you are eating because of hunger or because of emotions. Take time to enjoy your meals without any distractions.

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5. Reducing screen time

By reducing your screen time, you can make time for things you haven't gotten to. Setting an internal alarm or personal reminder that you've had enough of your phone will motivate you to work on other things that will make you more productive and feel more accomplished. I always push-off my homework to watch Tik Tok's which only leads me to have more stress when I haven't completed my work. You can also set smaller goals to keep you on the right path like exchanging the temptation of going on social media to reading a book or doing something you enjoy that doesn't involve screen time.

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6. Applying yourself to your studies

Practice makes better - not perfect. A healthy habit of having is becoming a learner of the world. Doing an extra fifteen minutes of homework every day or studying thirty additional minutes for the SAT daily will increase your knowledge and help you gain confidence for upcoming exams and quizzes. Applying the knowledge you learn in class and outside the classroom will allow you to acquire valuable skills that may save you in real-world situations.

7. Maintaining a clean room

A clean living space improves focus, betters sleep quality, and reduces stress and anxiety. When we have a messy room, we sometimes feel our lives are chaotic, leading to procrastination. For example, I sometimes delay studying for a test because I don't have the energy to clean off my desk and study in a room full of clutter. Instead of leaving your mess to build up for weeks, keep an open mind and remind yourself to place something where it belongs after every use. That way, you will never have the added stress of a grubby living space.

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8. A daily read

Reading fifteen minutes before bed will help you fall asleep faster while enhancing your brain. Find a book that doesn't bore you to death and keeps you wanting to read more - even if it's a children's book! My faves at the moment are either Percy Jackson or Harry Potter.

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