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  • Ronke Bamiduro

The Secrets to a Peaceful and Happy Life

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

I think the best pursuit in life is that of self-love, discipline, kindness and above all peace. And with the fast-paced nature of the modern world and the numerous things for us to deal with, it can be difficult to uphold this. Finding myself and feeling at peace has definitely been a journey and is still something I am in pursuit of, but regardless, I am happy. I'm definitely happier than I once was. I smile more. I take a glass half full approach to my life now. And I have been able to look after myself and my mental health through these mindfulness and self-growth strategies which I'd like to share them with you.

1. Yoga

Yoga is me time. It’s my time to stretch, relax, unwind and move as my body allows me to. It does not need to be strenuous. Start small with a deep breath. Inhale through your nose, and out through your mouth. Close your eyes. Let your body flow freely, naturally. We try to impose so much order on our bodies, that we have to let it be free for once. Yoga’s also lots of fun when you have someone to do it with. My mom and I are yoga partners and it’s not just fun but also beautiful as we both embark on this journey of body positivity, self-love and inner peace together. Become a yogi—it does your body and your mind wonders. It helped me find inner peace and I hope it can do the same for you as well.

woman doing Yoga


2. Meditation

It’s so important to shut the rest of the world out for a second and concentrate on how you feel. I often struggle to do this especially with how busy I am with school, work and my extracurriculars but you’re not a robot. You’re a complex and multi-faceted being with thoughts, feelings and opinions which deserve to be heard and understood by you. give yourself the chance. Even if it's just five minutes each day. Take that time to shut the world around you out. And really concentrate on what you’re thinking and feeling. Part of being at peace is being able to pick apart your thoughts and feelings and analyze what makes you feel a certain way and why. It's part of the passage to growing up and maturing.

woman meditating


3. Affirmations

It’s rather easy to become consumed by the negativity of this world and in some cases, this manifests in our thoughts about ourselves. We doubt our ability. We lack self-confidence. We believe less. So above anything, that should take priority. Building ourselves back up. Reinforcing to ourselves why we are amazing. I had this conversation with one of my teachers a couple of weeks ago—it's so easy to be kind and helpful to others that we care about but we struggle to be kind to ourselves. Ultimately, you spend the most time with yourself—don't make it a miserable place to be.

4. Positive self-talk

You spend the most time with yourself. You should treat yourself with the most love and care. You need to believe it and do whatever you can to incorporate positive thoughts and energy into your life. I have various methods of doing this—on Snapchat, I have a private story where I post motivational content every day so that viewers can feel inspired and empowered as they progress through their day. I have an app called I Am (available on App Store or Play Store) where you can scroll through a whole host of affirmations and send them to others. I also use an app called Reflectly which allows me to learn gratitude, embrace my truth, celebrate my successes and identity, and grow wiser.

encouraging quote

5. Deep breathing

Sometimes all you need is to close your eyes and take a deep breath. In many cases, it will calm you down and you can feel the negativity fade away. In some scenarios, it may not eliminate the issue, but it will allow you to attack the problem with a clear mind.

woman breathing


6. Smile

I truly believe a smile is the best gift you can give another person. And it’s free. When you smile, you reduce pain and stress, and studies suggest that you live longer, boost your immune system and are more likely to succeed. Smiling is also contagious and by smiling, you make another person smile and make the world a happier place.

child smiling


7. Live

Try new things. Travel and explore new places. Seek out new people and opportunities. To truly experience life, you must step out of your comfort zone. No growth occurs in a familiar environment—to flourish as a human being, you must try new things. And don’t be afraid of making mistakes; you learn more from failure than you do successes.

terrace farming


8. Love

Give your best to your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Be kind to all that you encounter. And give your best to yourself. Self-love is crucial.

people creating a heart with hands



Life is difficult and this stage in our lives can be tough. It is necessary that you begin the pursuit of self-improvement and inner peace as soon as possible so that no matter what life throws at you, you’ll be able to tackle it with an open mind and a peaceful heart.


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