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  • Ronja Engel

The Return of the Ballet Flat?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

For some, a timeless fashion staple; for others, a strange experimental piece: the ballet flat. As it slowly makes its way back into people’s wardrobes, we all fail to consider this shoe has been around for longer than people can imagine, and most certainly has already had its time to shine in the fashion world. Designed and created by Rose Repetto in 1956 for Brigitte Bardot, Repetto aspired for a shoe as lightweight as the original ballet shoe, yet more flexible and fashionable for every-day-use. The shoe quickly became popular with icons such as Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, and even Jackie Kennedy, who were seen wearing them. For younger generations, however, the shoe was a must-have for a completely different reason: it-girl Blair Waldorf from the renowned show Gossip Girl wore the slipper as part of the uniform with her headband sitting on the famous Met steps. The trend came to an end with the beginning of the sneaker- and platform shoe era, since people began to prefer bulkier shoe wear.

Starting this fall, more and more people have been spotted wearing the ballet flat again. Trend forcaters predict a slow but sure comeback of the shoe alongside with the dying of the Y2K trend. When analyzing the fashion community, one can predict that the next season will have a new spin on current trends and make them more elegant and chic. The catalyst of this new wave were brands such as Miu Miu, who incorporated the shoe in their fall 2022 runway and the fashion community was quick to adapt and incorporate the shoe in their looks. It-girls such as Kendall Jenner, Lilly Rose Depp and many more have already been seen wearing them; but instead of wearing ballet flats just as a preppy accessory, they now can also be worn as a casual day-to-day shoe with chuncky knee high socks, leg warmers or even baggy jeans.

Bellow we listed some of our favorites in different price ranges for all budgets!


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