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How To Expand Your Music Wardrobe

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Listening to new songs but the vibes just don't fit your aesthetic? I think it's time for you to go on a music spree.

Starting the summer going into my junior year, I found myself listening to the same old, repetitive, and tiring music from one playlist that I couldn't seem to stop listening to. I guess I was just too scared to discover new music because I didn't believe I would enjoy it as much as the songs I already knew, but we all have listened to a song for the first time. I mean, how else would you learn of it? Expanding your music taste can help identify why you may enjoy some genres more than others. For example, I have a different style in music depending on my mood. Getting ready for a tournament? Play some music that gets me pumped up and has a heavy bass. Have to focus on my work? Play Suki Waterhouse or Mac DeMarco.

Here are FIVE simple ways to expand your music wardrobe:

1. Ask Your Friends for Song Recommendations

Even if you and your friends have similar tastes in music, I guarantee they have listened to something you haven't heard of yet. Ask them through text for song recommendations or to play something you haven't heard of in the car. Hopefully the music won't hurt your ears. Some genres or singers may not be your cup of tea, but even if your friends playlist is terrible, there will be one song that will please your ears. One of my friends is the complete opposite to me when it comes to music. When I was in my friends car she

always had control of the aux and would play alternative music and pop music. At first, I thought "I cannot stand this music." Being that I used to only listen to Reggaeton and Trap music in Spanish, Harry Styles was not my personal favorite, even though I had a weird obsession with One Direction when I was seven. Slowly, as I began to listen to it more I began to enjoy the songs and decided to listen to artists like Harry Styles on my free time. I'm pretty sure everyone I know likes Harry Styles - to be fair. If you don't love a song the first time its presented to you, give it a second chance, and who knows, maybe the third time you will love it!

2. Vary the Albums/Playlists You Listen To

Once you do something several times it gets boring and repetitive. Don't listen to the same album everyday, for the whole day, for three months. Trust me, its not the best decision - I've done it.

Instead, rotate the current albums your listening to or curate a playlist with the music you are currently listening too. Personally, I'm an avid fan of Bad Bunny, and his new album, Un Verano Sin Ti, is the perfect summer playlist. If I listened to Un Verano Sin Ti for three months straight without listening to barely anything else, I would grow tired of it, as much as I love the album. Instead of doing this, I add my preferred songs to different playlists to match the vibes of what I'm feeling that day. Doing this allows you to enjoy the music you already know, while not having it become repetitive.

Additionally, you can listen to the recommended artists that play once the all the songs in your playlist have been streamed. This gives you the option to listen to what you might enjoy and add it into one of your playlists.

bill Clinton holding plastic hearts album of Miley Cyrus

Photo. Instagram @thepurelifemag

3.Foreign Music Rocks!

Why only listen to American artists for the rest of your life when you have so much to choose from?! This summer I traveled to France and the music I listened to was unlike anything I listened to in the mainstream music from the United States. French artists that I personally love include Yaro, Jul, and Ninho. Jul's music in particular is perfect for a house party or a nightclub. Finding good foreign music can be tricky, but if you check the top songs of different cities in your Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music, it will make the search much easier. Finding the playlists should be easily accessible on any music platform with either a simple search or scroll through the app.

dj at a club


4. Shazam It!

Instead of wondering what song was playing in the background of a tv show, Shazam it! using Shazam is super easy and finds all the songs you are looking for with the click of a button.

If you like what you're listening to at a party, but don't know what song it is, now you can easily search for it on your phone.

5. Throw it Back...

Oldies music is the best music. Search for playlists from different decades and see what you love. My favorites include Bon Jovi, The Police, Queen, AC/DC, among others, but I mainly listen to music released during the lates 1970's and the entirety of the 1980's.

You can also ask your parents for song recommendations from when they were younger and they may even give you some exemplary songs. You can discover more music from the late 20th century to the early 2000's by listening to the soundtracks of your favorite period shows like Stranger Things.

Avril Rodriguez


By following these five simple steps you can achieve maximum enjoyment when it comes to listening to your music.

Below are some of my favorite artists at the moment:

Spanish Reggaeton and Trap:

Bad Bunny

Chencho Corleone

Chris Jedi

Daddy Yankee

Eladio Carrion


Myke Towers



Young Miko


Don Toliver


J Cole

Kanye West

Kendrick Lamar


The Weeknd


Tyler the Creator


Pop Music:

Miley Cyrus


Taylor Swift



Billy Squier

Bon Jovi

George Harrison

Guns & Roses

Pink Floyd


The Cars

The Police


Beach House

Cigarettes After Sex


Frank Ocean

Mac DeMarco

Suki Waterhouse

Tame Impala

The Neighborhood

The Smiths

The Walters


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