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  • Avril Rodriguez

Daddy Yankee’s New Album “Legendaddy” is Truly Legendary

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

The King of Reggeaton is back at it again and his beats are more powerful than ever. After announcing his retirement from music on March 22, 2022, Daddy Yankee released his last album ”Legendaddy”. The album was written and produced by Yankee to reach all aspects of the music he performed during his 32 years as an artist. Today, I will be going over my favorite songs in his new album.

Daddy Yankee album cover for Legendary

Courtesy of Artist


Pasatiempo is a song produced and written by Daddy Yankee featuring Myke Towers. Not only is this song perfect for the club, but it will have everyone in the club “dandole hasta abajo” as they say in Puerto Rico. Not only is this song beautifully crafted by the exquisite mesh of Yankee’s and Tower’s voices, but the beat is incredibly powerful. The producers alongside the artists were able to create the perfect mix of EDM and reggaeton beats all in one.


This song is SO GOOD that you will be perreando by yourself, in your room, with your headphones on. "Rumbaton" was sampled from "Báilame" by Trébol Clan (2006). This song was intentionally created as the perfect club song for its obvious lyrical statements saying, “bailemos reggaetón de lao a lao a lao a lao,” meaning to dance reggaeton from side to side. Thank you Daddy Yankee for giving us the perfect perreo song and inspiring all of us to hit the club on a Monday night.


“X Ultima Vez” written and produced by Daddy Yankee featuring Bad Bunny WILL be the hit of the summer. PSA this is not a prediction, it's a statement. I can already imagine myself bringing my JBL speaker to the beach and getting a nice tan while listening to this song. Yankee and Bad Bunny are the perfect duos when it comes to song-making because their voices mesh beautifully. Not only have they collaborated on X Ultima Vez, but they have also worked together on songs including Vuelve and Soltera Remix alongside Lunay. To be honest, these two never come to disappoint when making a song separately or together.


"Uno Quitao y Otro Puesto" is going back to Daddy Yankee’s urban routes and diving deeper into the Latin side of trap music. The song goes into detail about his beginnings in reggeaton and his rise to the top. He also mentions in the song that he is almost invincible against time, being that he can make a hit song for every year he’s recording in the studio. The song includes sounds of rifles firing in the background and heavy bass. Lastly, the song talks about Yankee’s enemies and the level of zero intimidation they give him. Not only is he not intimidated by them, but he scares them away. If you really want to feel on top of the world, you should listen to this song.


Last but not least, I introduce to you the ultimate late night, on your way to a party, pregame song - or simply a song you play on the way to the beach in Puerto Rico. Daddy Yankee collaborates with Rauw Alejandro and Nile Rodgers to create and produce this fun and upbeat song which will make you want to jump out of your seat and start dancing. The artists can transition from fully harmonizing, to Yankee full-on throwing some lyrical bars our way. The guitar in this song is simply exquisite (coming from someone who plays the electric guitar) and allows the song to simply hold the title for perfection.

Each song on this list was carefully listened to and approved by me, which means I am urging each and every one of you to immediately pause the playlist you are currently listening to and search up “Legendaddy” on your music streaming service.


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