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  • Avril Rodriguez

The Perfect Album for Hopeless Romantics

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

The thought of being in a relationship sounds so nice, but the idea of having to talk to boy, to even have a boyfriend already scares me just by the thought of it. I like the idea of having a boyfriend, but my effort to achieve this is just not there, which makes me a hopeless romantic. And if you do want to be in a romantic relationship and you haven't found a boyfriend/girlfriend, you are also a hopeless romantic.

When you are a hopeless romantic, you probably listen to romantic music and watch romanic movies. Now, imagine if Steve Lacy and Mac DeMarco's songs had a baby. That baby would be the album Fantasy Getaway by Cuco.

Mexican-alternative singer, Cuco, released his latest album Fantasy Getaway which will literally have you crying on your bedroom floor by the third song (for the broken-hearted).

Although, Cuco’s new album makes him a certified creative genius, here are my top five songs from his album that you should DEFINITELY listen to.

1. Aura

2. Fin Del Mundo

3. Time Machine

4. Foolish

5. Paraphonic

I hope you go through this entire list and listen to each and every song because they are truly amazing. Check out Cuco's album Fantasy Getaway out NOW on all digital music platforms!


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