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  • Luciana Jimenez

Top 5 Perfumes to Elevate Your Personal Style & Charm

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Finding a signature scent can be hard, but finding a unique one can say a lot about you. Perfume is an essential final step to completing a look. The right scent will layer on top of your outfit and pull everything together.

Below are 5 perfumes that will guarantee you a compliment AND add to the charm of your outfit.

1. Noir Distillé by Gourmand

The vanilla and coconut undertones of this perfume create the perfect fragrance if you’re into warm scents. The amber in the perfume produces a sultry, exotic smell that is long lasting.

2. You by Glossier

This perfume by Glossier is subtle but elegant. It has a woody undertone, which makes it perfect for anyone who’s more into earthy scents. it also layers really well on top of itself or other perfume.

3. Dylan Blue by Versace

This is my favorite perfume to spritz on myself when I’m going somewhere fancy as it’s a more mature scent. A little bit goes a long way, and the scent lasts for days. This fragrance is for anyone who’s into floral scents as the key notes are wild blooms, musk, and black current. This scent always elevates my look and is bound to bring compliments.

4. Cloud Musk by MixBar

This one is similar to the You perfume by Glossier, but is a little stronger. It’s a warm, floral scent with key notes of jasmine, tonka beans, and iris. Its composition of warm musks and sheer florals make it an unforgettable aroma.

5. Cloud by Ariana Grande

This is a soft scent, but nonetheless an elegant one. The key notes of coconut and vanilla make it such a perfect scent. I love to wear it with outfits that are very soft and feminine as the perfume encapsulates that vibe.


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